Indrės Plėštytės – Alminės knyga „WHY CHILDREN GET SICK?”

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Every day, while consulting children and their parents, I hear a lot of questions: how to strengthen a child’s immunity? Why do some children get sick often and others only once a year? How do chronic diseases develop and how can we help children develop their immune system properly? The development of immunity can be compared to a constant, uninterrupted and ever-improving process of studying and checking homework.

This book is a short story about the children’s immune system: what it is made of, how it develops and what challenges await it. The language of science is not easy, so I tried visually explain why certain diseases attack, what the immune system does at that time, and how to help a child with diseases typical of his age. Only by understanding why children are sick we will be able to avoid medical errors and help the little ones grow up healthy. We all know –  a good start in life is half the battle.

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